29 September 2004

mideast vs. midwest...
this just cracked me up.


22 September 2004

compassionate conservatism in action...
read what right-wingers really think about american muslims. feel the love.


21 September 2004

what donald rumsfeld doesn't want you to see...
that's not just hyperbole. the pentagon actually banned soldiers from viewing this site. i particularly like the news ticker on the left. there's a lot of good iraq news on there that you won't see in your friendly local paper.


20 September 2004

the war ain't even close to over....
unfortunately, it's looking more and more like the iraq war is turning into the classic guerilla war. this article has experts predicting at least 10 years of u.s. occupation of iraq. the worse news is that the iraqi guerillas/insurgents/terrorists/criminals/etc. really don't have to win. they just have to not lose and wait until we leave.


16 September 2004

the myths of swing voters...
if you never read another article about voting and politics, make this your last. wow, i can't remember another story that affected the way i look at politics the way that this one did. basically, democracy is fucked.


14 September 2004

changes comin' every day...
i finally got around to spiffying this place up a bit. the old look was, admittedly, just awful awful. hopefully the pub is now a bit easier on the eyes.
i got rid of the tagboard that had been on the right-hand column. you can now post a reply to each blog posting. peace out.


13 September 2004

more and more good good news...
my fiancee dionne has had a good september already. she has been appointed as an adjunct professor at Bristol Community College in Massachusetts. She's teaching a course in basic writing, and I'm sure she'll find a way to incorporate david sedaris into the curriculum.
another recent development is that she will be presenting her writing at the writing by degrees conference at suny-binghamton next month. here's the low-down on that whole shindig.

22 greatest MCs....
i caught the MTV special a few days ago devoted to the countdown of their viewer-selected greatest 22 MCs. what a travesty! i won't even link to it, but i will hit you with my own list of the greatest of all time.

22. lauryn hill
21. big pun
20. common
19. slick rick
18. rza
17. method man
16. mc lyte
15. ras kass
14. beanie siegel
13. eminem
12. pharoah monch
11. canibus
10. biggie
9. kool g. rap
8. big L
7. guru
6. redman
5. inspectah deck
4. gza
3. mos def
2. rakim
1. krs-one

you can disagree......but you'd be wrong.


08 September 2004

the big dick...
that would be dick cheney, of course. read this blistering profile of the guy. wow is he unlikable.


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