27 November 2006

i had my 10 year high school reunion this past weekend. I actually drove down to philly by myself. Di made plans to visit her friend in N.C., so i was flying solo. The reunion was on friday night. I had an absolute blast. i saw a good many people that i hadn't seen in forever: packer, boland, raftery, shevland, alloway, phil ballard(!), etc. there was, needless to say, lots and lots of alcohol being consumed. I'm not going to say i drank too much, but i woke up the next morning feeling like the guy from "Memento" and brandishing odd cuts all over my right hand and a bruise on the side of my hip. word on the street is i didn't get into a fight (thank god)... so who knows what really went down. and no, there were no lewd acts involved. get your mind out of the gutter. we were all very well behaved. it was our livers that were out of control.

cannon fodder
my buddy john turned me onto True Combat: Elite. It's a completely free online shooting game. basically, it's like being in a war. it's crazy. i get killed way way way more often than i kill anyone else. it's great!


18 November 2006

pimp dionne's ride
the wifey finally got a new set of wheels this week. she settled on a brand new toyota yaris. so far, she loves it.

a new look
Di managed to redesign her blog. check it out. she got rid of the retina-burning pink motif.


13 November 2006

i watched this like 10 times today. it's still funny.


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