07 July 2006

Sorry for the delay, folks. I do apologize for the lack of posts lately. Hopefully now that things are looking a bit up for me, i'll get my blogging mojo back.

it's friday, you ain't got no job, you ain't got shit to do
so this past few weeks have been real ball-busters. as many of you know, i got laid off from my job... only a few months after starting there. so i was basically back to square one. things were looking kind of rough, but luckily i found another job... one that i'm super excited to start. I'll be working in the archives department of a major textbook publisher (finally i get all that money back!). the job is in boston, actually right across the street from copley square. lovely area. nice office. supposedly a very good place to work.

return of the sneaker pimp
i ALWAYS want new pairs of sneakers. it's been a while since i've gotten a new pair, unfortunately. them's the breaks when you're unemployed and broke. oh well. i just saw these today and KNEW i have to have them: they're a reissue of a rare puma running shoe that was released only in france in the late 70s... until now. ha.


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