08 July 2010

Check this out. I'm testing out another in-text network called Sintext. They seem pretty cool. They're more about adult-oriented advertising, though. Interesting.


07 July 2010

If you're a blogger and want to earn money using keyword ads, you should check out InTopic.

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06 July 2010

So I just joined a new ad network called InTopic.

One of the things that makes InTopic so unique is our MicroBanner logo ad. I think it's really going to be a game-changer in the contextual advertising industry. So what is it? It's not a banner ad, but an in-text advertisement that allows an advertiser to embed a logo directly into the text of the publisher's website.

I think this is going to be a really cool new advertising product.

You're connecting your brand directly to content, so the branding potential is huge. And MicroBanner ads still behave just like normal in-text ads... when a user mouses over the link, an ad appears on the screen. In Beta testing InTopic says it saw massive increases in CTR for advertisers who use MicroBanners... on the order of 9 times higher than traditional in-text ads.


16 March 2010

Join the Sintext Publisher Network Today and Get an Industry-Leading 90% Payout

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How do I put Sintext's ads on my website?

Sintext's Publisher Network is incredibly easy to join. In just minutes our online registration process will set up your account! And once you're a member of the network, you'll have access to your Sintext Client Dashboard, where you can easily track your site's ad results and get instant usagereports. We also offer two convenient payment delivery methods and numerous ad placement options so that you the publisher are always in control!


14 January 2007

After a very good run (almost four years) at Joel's Pub, I'm starting a new blog. It's called Tomorrow-Land and is going to devoted exclusively to online news. Di and I were talking about my career and I've told her many times about my desire to possibly move into the online news industry. Then we came up with the idea of me putting together a blog as a more professional pursuit -- something that, if it won't necessarily get me a job -- I can show off as a professional accomplishment.

So I hope you'll go over there and bookmark Tomorrow-Land. I will be posting stuff a few times a day, so check back often and post lots of comments. And if you have a blog of your own, please link to it and feel free to quote me as often as you'd like.


21 December 2006

oh, white people.

my favorite part of that is down at the bottom, though:
A first-grade teacher at Stoner Creek Elementary School in Mt. Juliet, Connie Akins has an array of sweaters that she's proud to wear the three weeks out of the year in which she can.

She hadn't heard of "Tacky Christmas Sweater" events before, but said if her 21-year-old daughter ever wanted to go to one, Akins would have to sit her down for a talk.

"I would probably talk to her about it and how it's disrespectful to make fun of other people," she said. "I would be shocked."

uh, your dauhter is 21 years old and she needs to be told not to tease others? is the south just completely retarded at this point?


17 December 2006

bring on the cowgirls!

my beloved eagles pulled off another miraculous victory against the new york midgets today. some little brother named eli got intercepted a few times and brian "dawk-plex" dawkins had a monster game. now we go to dallas next week and invade that god-forsaken patch of earth called Texas Stadium.


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