24 April 2003

gay gay republicans.
i really do think sen. rick santorum, of PA, is flaming gay behind closed doors. you know the ones who complain loudest about gays are usually the ones caught in the men's bathroom on the weekend.

iraq...we hardly knew ye.
i give the iraq story about another week before its off the front page and out of the american psyche completely. anyone remember that afghanistan country that we invaded last year? well the US hasn't done squat to "instill democracy" there. instead we left their president (a Dubya crony) as a sitting duck. now we're going to give up on nation-building in iraq. the US didn't even bother sending troops to protect the country's national museum. can you imagine if we were invaded and they allowed looters to steal the declaration of independence and the liberty bell?

now the US is pissy that kofi annan suggested they actually spend some time establishing order and protecting people in the country "we" just conquered. remimd me again what the reason for this war was? oh yeah, there's an election in 2004 and if the democrats were wise, they'd cast their hanging chad for gen. wesley clark. i'm still wavering between whether clark or sen. john edwards would be more electable.

beer of the day: check out brooklyn brewery's black chocoloate stout. this brewing company makes a lot of good beers, but their stout is just so so so good.

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