20 April 2003

topic of the day.
i fucking hate cars. i wish i didn't need one. its like a giant smoke-spewing baby constantly in need of money, space and attention. cars are also killing our cities. if you don't believe me, read this NY Times article about a "congestion tax" in London. i for one am all for the government declaring war on our automobiles. one little factoid brought up in the story: the brooklyn bridge was actually MORE EFFICIENT at getting people across the river before cars began driving across it, back when the main transit into manhattan was by trolley.

beer pick of the day:
this is the first recommendation that i've made since the pub opened Friday. there will be more to come, i promise.....
I saw this beer sitting at the bottom of the shelf at my local liquor store over the weekend. the bottles looked dusty and the labels had a very "old man beer" kind of vibe, but i had to try Liebotschaner Cream Ale. I was extremely impressed. very high quality ingredients in this hard-to-find Cream Ale, which is a nice pale, warm weather beer. this one is brewed by Lion Brewery in Wilkes-Barre, PA. It's cheap as hell, too, so you have no friggin excuse drinking that pissy budweiser or coors light.

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