08 May 2003

fall from grace...
it's nice to see this jerk exposed for the charlatan he is. i actually remember teachers and students at the univ. of maryland journalism school talking about what a great example he was of a young journalist. it turns out jayson blair was cheating every step of the way. here's an excerpt from howard kurtz's washpost story (even though i don't exactly have a lot of faith in mr. kurtz): anyway, here goes:

"Blair, who has bragged of being one of the youngest reporters hired by the Times, has expressed regret in a letter to the paper and said he is seeking counseling for "recurring personal problems."

Landman, the metro editor, said that watching Blair self-destruct has been "brutal," and he wondered whether he should have held him back for more remedial work. "Can I go so far as to say that he wouldn't have done something horrible? Of course not."

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