09 May 2003

gone to pot...
beer is the drug of choice here in joel's pub, but i have notice a few interesting stories recently related to the push for legalizing marijuana. as a political issue, no U.S. leaders are willing to take it up, but maybe the bush twins will mention it at the dinner table one night?
I can only hope...

dubya: "what's this about you smoking a doobie with ashton kutcher, jenna?"
jenna bush: "well at least i'm not hooked on prescription painkillers like my cousin. and dammit dad, weren't you caught with a little nose candy of your own before stealing the election?"

meanwhile, up in canada, logic prevails. their government is actually having an intelligent dialogue about the issue. it's just too bad that our own drug czar doesn't feel so confident about canadian democracy. maybe we'll have to "liberate" them next?

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