13 May 2003

more things to worry about...
i guess the bush administration feels we need more things to worry about. we're already duct-taping our homes out of fear of a bio-terror attack, right? and of course saddam had his finger on the button ready to fire all kinds of nasty stuff at peoria. and of course there's still shark attacks, SARS, anthrax, computer hackers and school shooters to worry about. now one of the defense department's top dogs wants the U.S. to consider using nuclear weapons more often. this guy, keith payne, suggested that we could have used nukes in the first gulf war.

here's an excerpt:

"If the locations of dispersed mobile launchers cannot be determined with enough precision to permit pinpoint strikes, suspected deployment areas might be subjected to multiple nuclear strikes."

so what he's suggesting is like some kind of super-pre-emptive doctrine where not only do we wage war if we suspect another country has weapons, but we strafe the area with nuclear weapons. incredible. (and this schmuck still has a job as a legitimate policy thinker in the bush adminstration.)

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