17 June 2003

bush for re-election part 2....
best believe that dubya and his rove polito-bot will use the pvt. lynch story to full dramatic effect come campaign time. too bad, though, that it turns out the story isn't quite like the pentagon wanted us to believe.
the washington post sent reports to nasiriyah to re-report the story and they came up with this:

"The Special Operations unit's full-scale rescue of the private, while justified given the uncertainty confronting U.S. forces as they entered the compound, ultimately was proven unnecessary. Iraqi combatants had left the hospital almost a day earlier, leaving Lynch in the hands of doctors and nurses who said they were eager to turn her over to Americans.

Neither the Pentagon nor the White House publicly dispelled the more romanticized initial version of her capture, helping to foster the myth surrounding Lynch and fuel accusations that the Bush administration stage-managed parts of Lynch's story."

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