28 July 2003

come on be my baby tonight...
those are, of course, the famous lyrics from the song written by the mulit-talented david of real world-new orleans. that show has given us some great moments, huh? i think david might have even topped himself when he sang "be my baby tonight" live on the dave chappelle show. anyway, here are some great real world moments compiled by the sports guy, a columnist for espn.com.

Where does Adam from "Real World Paris" rank on the Unintentional Comedy Scale when he starts rapping? Is it possible that he beat out David from New Orleans for Most Hilarious Musical Performance on a Reality Show? It seems like a record we would never see broken, but here we are witnessing history. --Ken Sandak, Connecticut

Wait a second ... let's not get carried away. David unleashing that "Skeedopple beedopple bee" song on an unsuspecting nation was like Wilt Chamberlain scoring 100 points in a game -- nobody will ever approach it. But Adam's rapping still ranks a solid 96 on the UCR Scale; it isn't just the singing, it's lyrics like "I will not hide my family pride" that really pushes it over the top.

I have no problem sticking him into the Pantheon of Real World Moments, which includes:

David's girlfriend dumping him in a car ("RW: Seattle"). I don't think I've ever enjoyed a breakup more, from David screaming "You're killing me, Kira! You're killing me!!!!!!!!" to him in the confessional, looking into the camera and crying, "You want the real world, this is it, right here!" That's always a fun line to break out at parties.

Stephen slapping Irene ("RW: Seattle"). This becomes more and more astounding as the years pass -- they actually let him stay in the house after this. And he whacked her!

David punctuating a put-down of Beth with "That's why you have those big hairy pimples on your face!" ("RW: Los Angeles"). Probably the most horrible thing ever said on any television program, ever.

Pedro screaming at Puck about eating his peanut butter ("RW: San Fran"). There was a time when I could rattle off Pedro's entire, incoherent speech. Needless to say, I was unemployed and living at home at the time.

Tammy getting an abortion because the father didn't make enough money ("RW: Los Angeles"). And she ended up marrying (and divorcing) Kenny Anderson two years later. High comedy.

The first time Amaya referred to her breasts as "The Twins" ("RW: Hawaii").

The threesome in the shower ("RW: Miami"). A watershed moment for the show -- the night the lightbulb finally went off for the producers, when they realized, "Hey, it doesn't hurt to have a couple of bimbos on the show."

Steven nearly kicking Brynn out of the house ("RW: Vegas"). An emotional rollercoaster from start to finish. Bonus points for Steven's classic quote after the house meeting, "I thought I made some really amazing points."

(And if I forgot anything ... forgive me.)

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