25 April 2005

beer of the week...
i haven't written about any beers in a long while, but rogue dead guy ale (oregon) is one friggin amazing brew. i've been lucky enough to drink it on tap here in rhode island twice in the last few weeks and it's blown me away. a nice sweet maltiness, plenty of body and bitter west coast hoppiness all balance each other out perfectly. so so nice. if you see it.... dont' think, just drink.

Wow. How times have changed. Here is what this blog would have looked like 6 years ago...

Guys, I just discovered this great beer called Natural Light. You can buy it in West Philly for $7 a case and can get it cold for immediate consumption. After 7 or so, you're guaranteed to remove an article of clothing or two. If you remember anything the next day, they'll give you your money back, they haven't had one return yet. Best thing is, it only comes in cans which are ofcourse much easier to put in your pockets and sneak by your parents on the way to the basement. If you find some, don't think, call me right away!
ha! and nowadays i'll actually spend like 8 bucks for a sixer of something good. back then, that would have bought me like 3 cases of natty!
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