03 May 2005

i haven't blogged much about the eagles, but i've been reading a lot of garbage lately from uninformed (read: skip bayless) idiots. here's a l;ittle dispatch today from the inky regaridn the club beign irked by westbrook, who still hasn't re-signed his contract offer and missed minicamp last week. on westbrook, i think the team needs to shell out some bucks and get westy signed for the next 3 or 4 years. he's got a lot of mileage left on him and a talent like his simply doesn't fall into your lap every year (although we'll have to see how ryan moats, a rookie, will pan out. so joe banner: sign westy for us!!!
as for T.O., i think the eagles should probably restructure his contract to lessen the cap impact in two years. we'll see what happens, but i'd bet ONE MILLION DOLLARS that he'll be on the field when training camp begins.
the last big question mark is corey simon, the overpaid and underperforming defensive tackle. simon has played well at times over the last few seasons, but he's a classic over-the-hump veteran that the team should either trade or cut. especially with the rookie patterson coming in, we're stocked at tackle and should offload simon now while there are still teams stupid enough to bite (some get dan snyder on the phone!).
all this football talk is making it tough to get through the summer (aka "the dry season") as a sports fan. i'd rather watch badminton than nine innings of baseball, tennis is just gay and there's no summer olympics or world cup this year. oh well. there is SOME football (aka soccer). i will be catching the friendly between u.s.a. and england in june. england is coming here to play at soldier field in chicago. we'll see how the u.s. plays. they're doing well so far and look to be a lock to qualify for the world cup. oh and demarcus beasley is now tearing it up in the dutch league . beasley is playing among the best players in the world for PSV Eindhoven and thriving. hopefully that'll translate to a still-improving u.s. national team.

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