03 May 2005

i loved the flick "sideways," and there have been dozens of stories in recent months that the movie caused wine drinkers to shift away from merlot and toward pinot noir. here's an interesting take on the issue of why pinot noir isn't necessarily the solution to the problem. basically, pinot noir is a finnicky grape that is especially risky in cheaper wines. you're taking a gamble every time you buy that $9 bottle of pinot.

"My advice for Merlot drinkers who have been shamed by its portrayal in the movie Sideways is not to flee to Pinot Noir in the hope that you will find terminal coolness. More than likely you will be terribly disappointed and will have wasted a lot of money in the process. If you want to move on, I can assure you there is a better life after Merlot. In fact, there is a whole world of Syrah/Shiraz and Argentine Malbec out there that you really should be exploring. You definitely will get a lot more for your money in all price ranges, and you are certain to find wines that will give you were looking for in Merlot, and probably a lot more."

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