20 May 2005

i try to watch SNL at least a few times a year. unfortunately the last season or two have just sucked horribly. you know that feeling you usually get with young up-and-coming SNL stars? where you just know they're going to blow up someday and become huge? (i swear, i knew chris rock would be HUUUUGE the first time i saw him doing that funky soul train dance dressed as "Nat X.") well i never get that feeling anymore with the new cast members.... anyway, SNL had will ferrel host last week and he busted out his famous "more cowbell" character, according to the sports guy. here's his take...
"Will Ferrell hosted 'SNL' last weekend. another sub-par show, with one good Weekend Update joke (Pat O'Brien's 'You're So Bleeping Hot Sauce') and one decent sketch ('Celebrity Jeopardy,' rehashed from the 400 times they did it when he was on the cast). There was one highlight, though. during the first song of Queens of the Stone Age, Ferrell randomly came out dressed like Gene Frenkle and started banging the cowbell, which would have been the greatest marijuana moment of all-time if you were stoned watching the show. It seemed like the guys in the band requested it because none of them were even remotely phased. plus, they were singing 'Little Sister,' a great song that actually has a recurring cowbell in it. Just a goofy, inspired moment that redeemed an entire season of crappiness."

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