01 May 2005

my boy don over at driving to oahu has been blogging about music lately, which reminded me.... i fucking LOVE the song "B.Y.O.B." by system of a down. anyone who knows me knows i'm not AT ALL into metal or punk or any other jangly white-guy guitar rock, but i can't help it, i love "B.Y.O.B." i think it's the chorus...the band gets a little soulful and funky during a chorus that strangely reminds me of "My prerogative" by bobby brown. and i mean that in a good way.
i'm also diggin "Hustla" by cassidy. what a bomb-diggity song. swizz beats took a sample of Jay-Z singing "I'm hustla" and just tweaked it upside down. i just downloaded a sweet remix of that tune that adds a nice layer of keyboards on top of it all.

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