25 May 2005

well malcolm glazer, the tacky billionaire himself, went ahead and bought friggin manchester united for almost $1.5 billion last week. that's a lot of dough....probably $500 million more than the most valuable NFL clubs (generally thought to be either washington or dallas). anyway, it appears the shit is already starting to flow downhill toward the NFL.
it seems glazer's MAN U operations are intertwined with a new casino partially being built by the club near old trafford. of course, man u fans, who detest glazer are using it as a wedge issue with the nfl, which has always been opposed to owners with gambling connections. here's an excerpt regarding a meeting between glazer and the league...

"The meetings came on the same day that the U.S. representative of Shareholders United, a group of fans and shareholders who oppose Glazer's takeover, wrote a letter to NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue outlining Manchester United's connection to gambling.

The letter, written by J.D. Deitch, said that United has bookmaking stalls at Old Trafford and has links to a gambling Web site on the club's official site. The letter also mentions the deal with Las Vegas Sands."

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