27 June 2005

di and i (and friends elvis and alicia) hit the beach saturday. it was crazy crowded with people. i mean, there wasn't 10 square feet of sand not covered by people and their beach blankets. i was lookign around on the web when i stumbled across this beach in jamestown, a hoity-toity waterfront town near newport. here are their beach rules....
Water related and within the confines of the Beach Area there shall be no:
- Ball Playing
- Fires
- Kite Flying
- Consumption of Alcoholic Beverages
- Use of Profane Language
- Boisterous Play
- Swimming during an electrical storm
- Boating without a Coast Guard approved life jacket or PFD.
- Robing or disrobing
- Dogs allowed on Beach
- Use of floatation devices
- Overloading of boats
- Use of snorkel and mask
- Use of any scuba equipment

wow. sounds like a fun place to go, huh?

That sounds just like the Jersey shore beaches. Except for North Cape May which is not one of the tonier areas, they have all those rules and beach tags, too!! Ugh!
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