01 June 2005

portrait of the nihilist as a young man...
anyone who spends three minutes listening to one of my political rants knows that i think just about every problem can be solved by just tearing everything down and starting all over. i call it the "let it break" theory - i think certain institutions are so thoroughly rotten that we should just LET them spin out of control and self-destruct.
so anyway, i happened to have visited my mom's house last weekend and stumbled across an old floppy disk full of writing from my high school days. one of the files was a column i wrote for the school paper attacking the student council (and the student v.p., coincidentally, happened to be a good friend, billy milliken)....anyway, my article read like a young lenin-in-training...

"Maybe the only reason for having student council is facilitate dances and fundraisers. Then the question is raised. Do we then even need student government? The answer would have to be no! If silly little school-spirit activities are the sole reason for retaining a student council, than why keep it at all.
If we can't devise a real student government, than we might as well just get rid of it all together. The only job they've accomplished so far has been coordinating activities. All of the many student clubs in our school could easily take over those responsibilities. That would actually be better because it could facilitate the input of many more students than with the student council. Under my system, more kids would have a say in more school-wide activities.
...It is time for Betty and Bill, and the student body as a whole to make some tough decisions. Do we want to stand up to the administration? If we don't even try, student council will have signed it's own death warrant. At that point the entire system of student government should be seriously brought into question."

....i love the part about "signing its own death warrant." i can totally see myself writing that. what a jackass.

you're so cute and melodramatic, imagine the days when student council politics were the center of your world.
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