11 June 2005

racism is A-OK, as long as its american indians you're keeping down. i can't even blieve that the chicago sun-times would put this ugliness on its site. (thanks to don at driving to oahu for the link.) i don't even know who this guy is, but he should do some research into what REALLY happened to the western hemisphere's indigenous people.
you think saddam was bad? go read de las casas and find out what columbus did to the arawaks he encountered. read about what happened to the narragansett indians here in modern-day rhode island. read about the small pox blankets and massacres of women and children. savages? indians? really? sure the indians had wars, but there's a big difference between their small-scale wars and what the european colonialists were doing. europeans brought with them greed, materialism, disease, "private" property, etc., and completely destroyed thousands of distinct cultures. why is a formal apology for all that so much of White Man's Burden for this guy?

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