12 June 2005

work update...
i'm now a full week into my job as city editor. it's been friggin crazy intense. i told copy editor don that i've been learning so much shit, so fast, that i sometimes find myself doing things that i didn't even know i knew how to do. i can paginate sooooo much quicker now. i really do like the work a lot. there's a lot of pressure, but it is fun. hopefully down the line this experience will really pay off with a bigger job at a bigger paper. i do like the pace of a daily paper, so hopefully i can stick with this for a while. i know di doesn't like the hours, though. i don't usually get off until around midnight, so that kinda sucks. oh well. i'm a night person anyways.

i'm a joel person and i miss him at night :(
can you give me some tips on how to paginate quicker also....I've been at the paginating course lately but haven't worked the kinks out yet?
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