30 July 2005

big idea of the week...
i went to the beach friday morning and stayed out there for about 4 hours or so. i made sure to wear suntan lotion, but i missed a few spots and now have bright pink spots on my wrists and ankles where i didn't distribute said suntan lotion evenly. but that gave me a great business idea.... i would like to buy a couple of these sunless tanning booths that spray a bronzer on you from all different angles with multiple nozzles. i'd buy these and outfit them to spray on suntan lotion, and then put them at public beaches. beachgoers would pay a couple bucks for a full-body suncreening that is guaranteed to cover every nook and cranny. it would be soooo much easier than trying to put the lotion on while you're already in the sand. now you better not steal my idea!

that's almost as good as your crepe stands in dc, blahahaha!
ur blog sux!
the word is "your," dipshit. "ur" is not a word. die.
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