04 July 2005

i once heard someone describe electro-funk as the single coolest musical genre of all time. i think that's about right. i've always dug parliament and bootsy collins, but for the real deal electro sound, you gotta check out some zapp and roger. they're responsible for a few songs like "so ruff, so ruff" and "more bounce to the ounce" that have been sampled again and again. anway, i love every track they do because it's so simple, yet so so funky. throw in a big over-the-top clap beat, big bass drum, simple bass line, wah guitar and some "talk box" vocals and you've got the sound down. bad-ass! i also recommend "cutie pie" by the band one way. anyway, here's a funk-tastic picture (peep the chest hair!) of roger troutman (of zapp and roger) with the band....

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