27 September 2005

di and i love film, so i'm going to try to blog more about them...
i finally got around to watching the dvd of antonioni's "blow-up" last week. the movie came out in 1966 and is both in color and in english. set in swinging london, it was shocking at the time it came out for its partial nudity and pot smoking scenes. by today's standards, though, it's pretty tame. it's still a great movie, though. antonioni's camerawork is just so groundbreaking. the camera never flinches and it practically doesn't even movie. you find yourself staring at things WAAAAY in the background or cocked way off to the side of the frame. the dvd also came with a commentary by a film studies professor and author (from the univ. of virginia, i think), which i really liked.

When it came out I saw it six times. It's the philosophy and the hot topic of existential thought, how we determine reality, limitations of the senses in perceiving reality. Did you notice how the sequence of events reverses order after the bodie is found almost a reverse mirror of the first half, only everything is wacky. Photographer finally accepts his condition when he picks up the "tennis ball" and throws it back to the clowns.
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