24 September 2005

it's been an upside down world lately. everything in life just seems to be hot and cold, black and white. we're both anxious and apprehensive about the wedding. work has been downright horrible lately. i've been left by myself at nights to basically put the paper out alone. it's a lot of weight on my shoulders. at the same time, we got a new place to live today. as of november, we'll be moving into a house we're renting in east providence. it'll be much better than the place we're living in now.
not that the last three years have been bad. in fact, they've been mostly good. but we're ready for a change of scenery. di and i are getting married and we thought it would be nice to just get a completely new start. new roof over our heads. new cat. new dishes and a new neighborhood. and...we're no longer in little italy. now we're in little portugal.

Keep your pimp hand strong, bro.
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