20 October 2005

after the wedding reception, di and i stayed the night at la dolce villa, a boutique hotel near where we live. it wa a really nice room... very modern. at 5 a.m. the next morning, keagan and my dad drove us up to logan aiport to fly to puerto vallarta. by 2 p.m. we were in mexico. when we arrived in our room at the resort (dreams puerto vallarta), we were greeted with this...

a few minutes later they brought up a chilled bottle of champagne for us! wow. the room was nice. nothing fancy... but the best part was the view of the beach.

the resort was pretty nice. we went kayaking along the coast and jet-skiing, which was great. the waves were pretty big, too, so i got to do some boogie-boarding. mostly though, we just sat around on the beach or by one of the pools and drank pina coladas and margeritas all day long. the resort was all-inclusive, so they just bring you drinks all day long. plus you can order room service and they'll bring you up whatever you want to eat or drink in your room. had them deliver me bottles of negra modelo... it was great!
mexico was wonderful. di was a little more ambivalent about it, but i love the people and really loved the food. one of the best parts of the trip, i think, was when we went into town to sightsee. di ended up buying an oil painting from a local artist...

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