01 November 2005

di and i were constantly amused by the horribly mistranslated english that we read at the resort in mexico. it reminded me of old vcr manuals written in scary japanese-to-english techo-pidgin. here's our favorite excerpt from the portion of the room service menu called "For the Kids."
We know how important it is for you that your kids have a balanced food, mainly in this first stage, where a good physical condition will let them grow up and become strong and wealthy teenagers. utside (sic) it is difficult to have control of their food habits, specially during vacations, but in the privacy of you (sic) room, like in home, it is easy to handle it. That is why our kids menu is conformed with a balanced and at the same time "attractive" to the little ones, reducing grease to the minimum.
that just cracked me and di up every time.

a balanced food will make you wealthy... so that is where i've been going wrong.
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