13 February 2006

i read this rolling stone story on sam brownback, a truly despicable republican senator from kansas. basically, he's involved in a covert group called "the fellowship" that basically acts as a right-wing christian illumanati. the use "cells" as the basic unit. four men who swear allegiance to each other and promise not to bother themselves with the niceties of democracy.
growing up in america, you're taught a few things about democracy and our values.... we have to permit free speech, we must respect other peoles' right to dissent. we must respect the rights of others no matter what their views. but as i get older, and i witness the utter insanity of the right wing fascists in this country, the more i realize that those of use who want universal health care, an end to racism, and end to theocracy, an end to empire-building and endless war, and end to religious hypocrisy... we CAN'T EVER really live with these people in the kind of nation we want. i say fuck plurality. fuck getting along with these people. fuck respecting their views. i don't respect their views and i don't "respect their right to say it" (i hate that phrase!). i don't respect their right to live in a country that could be fair and just WITHOUT them here! we must must must stop these people from instituting a neo-fascist theocracy in america. unfortunately, most panty-waist liberals and Democrat wimps won't confront the problem head-on.

Those people make me sick, too, but I don't want to be like them. We have to stick to our principles. I may be naive in thinking over the long haul, the higher goals win out. You should probably read, "the truth" by Al Franken. Even though a lot of it you've probably already heard, he has such a good sense of humor and some of it is new to me. Let's be true patriots and uphold what is good about this country.
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