10 March 2006

ok, so here's the big news: I took a new job today. I'm leaving the Times after three and a half years to move on to greener pastures. i'll be working as a technical editor for a company located nearby in Massachusetts. I'll be stationed at the corporate headquarters workign on product sheets describing hardware that is manufactured by the company. I'm very excited about the move. I was really really ready for a change of scenery. In the last month or two, especially, working at the paper was wearing on me. It was the kind of feeling you get when you stay at the party a bit too long - everything gets a bit weirder and less pleasant. Anyway, I'm very relaxed now. Di and I can enjoy our upcoming trip to san fran much more now.
Oh, and there will be a Joel F. Celebrity Roast at the east ave. cafe in pawtucket on march 23. According to the flyer posted on the wall at work today: "Admission is Free (for everyone except Joel)."

Congrats, Joel. So happy for you. Wish I could partake in the roast -- sounds like a good time.
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