03 April 2006

the rear-view mirror
the first week or so at the new job has been good so far. my new boss is very friendly and actually, uh, supportive.
but i do have to give a big middle finger to my old boss, bianca. ahhhh. that feels good. this is the boss who made a joke of our newsroom on a daily basis. when she wasn't out "sick" with the made up illness du jour, she was doing her utmost to lower morale, flush the quality of the paper down the shitter, shift workload and pin the blame on others around her. the thing i've realized is that it wasn't about me: this was a person who has probably dozens of former co-workers and employees scattered around new england who, to this day, can't stand her. in the 3 1/2 years at the paper, how many times did she EVER tell me I was doing a good job? Uhhhhh...NEVER!!!!
how many times was i forced to work 12 hour shifts to cover for her sorry ass? she's a pathetic human being who's own miserable attitude has resulted in an entire city that hates herr guts. congratulations, you're probably the most hated person in "the bucket." you succeeded in driving me out, so congratulations, but you didn't win. I was the one who parlayed that job into an opportunity and made something happen. You're just a pathetic washup whom no one respects and everyone knows should have been fired long, long, long ago.
I actually think you should find a new line of work: you should excel at any job that requires the complete hatred of co-workers and employees.

Ahhh! That must have felt good. She certainly deserves that and more. Love you, mom
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